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1059 Main St.
Cambria CA, 93428

Karina Kelly

"Amazing quality. Dan is phenomenal
highly recommend checking him out
for ANY computer problems. you will
not regret it, great and fast service as
well as a great person to go to for any
computer related questions. Thank
you Dan & thank you Cambria
Cheryl Canfield
"Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
So good to be in knowledgeable
hands! Dan got the job done
quickly and was very helpful in
answering all of my questions."
  Your primary reason for choosing a local business in a small town is support.  You can call us out and we will schedule an onsite visit to solve your problem.  If you need hardware we will provide it.  No, we will not be cheaper than Amazon or Walmart, but we know what works, what's reliable and what you need to solve your problem. 

  Time is money.  If your business has ground to a halt but it only takes us 5 minutes to solve your problem then we think it's still Our labor rate is currently $125 an hour for call outs whether it takes 5 minutes to get your printer online again or 45 minutes to get your register connected to QuickBooks in your shop.

  If you buy a computer from us we stand behind it.  Over the last 25 years in the computer world I've learned what works, what doesn't and what isn't reliable.  If a brand new laptop that we've sold you suddenly dies then we will replace, repair or refund you.

Call us Today! 559-733-1220

Marni Stanfield
"Great help getting photos
uploaded to save.  Would highly
recommend Dan! He has always
been available very quickly and
has tons of patience."
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