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Restuarants needing network repairs for register operations and menu screens.

Large multi or single story houses needing reliable WiFi for residence or vacation rental.


Hillside homes with multi level outdoor dining needing WiFi from top to bottom.


A hardware store has their inventory and sales server go down and needs an emergency repair.


Large houses with unique floorplans needing security cameras.


A 40,000 sq ft warehouse needs WiFi distributed across the entire building.


A logistics company needs custom software development to track produce trucks and find carriers for time sensitive shipments.


A veterinary clinic has a dead X Ray computer and needs to get back up and running.


A wine tasting venue has failing and outdated hardware and needs upgraded.


A residential customer has many wireless devices including tablets, computers, tvs, printers, media servers and smart appliances that all need connectivity over a 5500 sq ft house.


A large estate with a half mile of nearly continuous buildings needs WiFi from one end to the other.


Office operations grinding to a halt because of a failing server and workstations just as old.


Computers with bad hard drives grinding to a halt or fristratingly slow.

Karina Kelly

Amazing quality. Dan is phenomenal
highly recommend checking him out
for ANY computer problems. you will
not regret it, great and fast service as
well as a great person to go to for any
computer related questions. Thank
you Dan & thank you Cambria
Cheryl Canfield
Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
So good to be in knowledgeable
hands! Dan got the job done
quickly and was very helpful in
answering all of my questions.

Call us Today! 559-733-1220

Marni Stanfield
Great help getting photos
uploaded to save.  Would highly
recommend Dan! He has always
been available very quickly and
has tons of patience.
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