Cambria Computing
1059 Main St.
Cambria CA, 93428

Karina Kelly

Amazing quality. Dan is phenomenal
highly recommend checking him out
for ANY computer problems. you will
not regret it, great and fast service as
well as a great person to go to for any
computer related questions. Thank
you Dan & thank you Cambria
We are San Joaquin Valley Refugees!
Cheryl Canfield
Positive: Professionalism, Quality,
So good to be in knowledgeable
hands! Dan got the job done
quickly and was very helpful in
answering all of my questions.
Over 1 Year in Cambria!
  We opened at the beginning of the COVID pandemic which as it turns out was an excellent time to start a computer business.  So many people are telecomuting or bored at home and they needed a lot of support!
Sight and Sound
We'll setup your new SmartTV and help you add streaming services.  We can also install wireless surround sound systems.
Long Range Wi-Fi
  Probably the most common call we get for on site service is to extend or broaden WiFi coverage in a home or on a property.  There are many tools and equipment to do this.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment today.
Most computers are repairable or
upgradeable. We also service
some other electronic devices
depending on what it is and the
availablility of parts and
schematics.  We even repair old
tube type gear.
  I'm Dan Cox, the owner of Cambria Computing and like a lot of other people, had to finally get out of the valley for various reasons.  Air quality and the heat were two of the biggest factors.  I moved to Cambria, along with my business that I operated for 12 years in Visalia and boy am glad I did.  It's so nice over here!  You also might have guessed that I love otters! And squirrels and, alligator lizards, and seagulls and sea lions and, and, and...
Marni Stanfield
Great help getting photos
uploaded to save.  Would highly
recommend Dan! He has always
been available very quickly and
has tons of patience.
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